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It was a pleasure to meet you as well. I had a very good visit as well and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and your wife. The visit to your village was one of the highlights of my visit. I hope that I may visit again in the future.


~Tim Miller-Morgan, Oregon State University Newport, Oregon

Dear Colonel,

Sarah and me are talking very often about our time in India, especially the wonderful time we were having at your place doing cooking or sari class.

We felt really like a part of the family and I hope we will find the time to visit you in Kochi one day again.


Respected Sir,

I already talked in my circle about your hospitality. I told them nothing to worry if they want to go to Kochi, they will find their home there. There is no doubt to stay at your place. Anyone can find the place but your presence will make it feel like a home.


Dear Colonel and Madam Usha,

At the time we had to leave your house, we felt very sad and we have been missing you a lot during the last days. Your house had become a home to us, because you were caring so much about us. You made our time in Kochi to a very special period in our lives.

When we are back in Germany we are going to put a report about our stay in Kochi in the internet and we will have the time to send you a longer e-mail and all the nice pictures we have taken in your house.

~Kathrin and Sarah

Dear Colonel George,

Thank you again for the great time we had in Kochi! We enjoyed our stay very much. Thanks to all the kind doctors and staff at Lakeshore Hospital the internship was a precious experience for us and we felt very comfortable at Colonel George’s House!! Thank you as well for the amazing dinner you and your wife prepared for us the last evening, it was a good meal to get us prepared for the long journey home! And thank you for driving us to the airport.

~Julia and Johannes

Dear Madam Usha,

Thank you for making our stay at The Colonel’s a wonderful experience. Kids were amazed by the place and we just loved the food that you made for us. Cant wait till we can make another trip to you. Please be in touch.

~Sunidhi Chauhan, Gurgaon

Dear Colonel,

When we were told about your place, we were not expecting this. Having travelled across the world extensively, we can definitely say this is one of the best homestays we have seen. We were immensely impressed by the ambience and the perfect, clean way in which you have kept it. Congrats!

~Christopher Barnstead, UK

Respected Colonel George,

Salute! Your property is just awesome! I am at a loss on how to describe it. I really enjoyed the stay there.

~William Rebeiro, Goa